Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Are Some Important SEO Tools?

As you approach the business of Search Engine Optimization, you will start to realize that you cannot do all of this alone. It's a good thing that there are many SEO tools available to you. What are some of the most useful tools you should be aware of?

For starters, there are Google Adsense tools, which include Adsense Calculator and Adsense Preview. The Calculator feature can help you gain a better understanding of what affects your earnings, while the Preview feature lets you preview how your ads might look. An Alexa Rank Comparison feature lets you create a traffic history graph for your site while a CPM Calculator lets you measure Return On Investment.

Among other SEO tools, there is also Domain Age Check, which gives you the age of a domain, and the Domain Typo Generator, which provides a list of common misspellings for a given domain. One of the most important of SEO tools you will find is the Google Keyword Suggestions feature, which lets you choose relevant and popular keywords that are related to your suggested term. A Keyword Difficult Check tool can help users see how difficult it is it rank specific keywords and phrases while a Meta Analyzer examines a website's mega tags.

Of course, there are plenty of free SEO tools available online and also some that charge a fee. Many webmasters choose to delegate all of this responsibility to an SEO company. Using all of these SEO tools can be time-consuming, and a company head that can't even afford time to write his/her own articles certainly can't be expected to conduct intensive research on keywords and meta tags. This is why they will order SEO packages for a low price and watch as their rankings increase thanks to the company's manipulation of tags, SEO tools, and of course, excellent copy writing.

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