Monday, May 11, 2009

Talk or call via local area network

Local Area Network(LAN) is used to connect multiple computer with one another. The computers those are connected via LAN can also use internet together. From these computers one user can talk with another user. For this reason, in your windows operating system you have to go to My Computer>C:>Program Files>NetMeeting. Now click on Conf and then on Next. After that a form will appear. Fill the form and click on Next.
Then enabling "Log on to a directory server network" you have to select "Local Area Network" as bandwidth. Open "NetMeeting" and in the blank space type your desired user's ip address(example: Then click on the symbol of Telephone. If the NetMeeting is running on your desired PC, it will ring. If the user receive your call, you both will be able to talk one another. If both of you have webcame , you will be able to do video conference.


  1. Its really usefull........thanks a lot

  2. its really useful.........thanks