Friday, March 27, 2009

Free webhosting site (

There are a lot of people who are interested in web and they are learning about web such as HTML, PHP, ASP, Java Script, AJAX, XML etc. Lot of them is interested in web application developing. So they learn PHP or ASP or other to develop web application.

As PHP is under open source is the most popular of all. But PHP scripts need web server to run. Now developers fix this problem with another open source software apache. But many of them want to maintain a personal website and they have to spend some money. Sometimes they use free hosting but this time they have to face a lot of problem such as forced ads, limited space, limited bandwidth, script installation, ftp support, PHP script running etc. But you will find that is free from such kind of problem.

According to, their main feature is as following:
· 1000MB Disk Space
· 10GB Bandwidth per month
· Up to 3 mysql Databases
· Layer Panel Control Panel
· Up to 3 Sub Domains/Add on Domains
· No Ads on Web Pages
· Free sub domain on
Go to then click on the menu “Register Now” or go to the link directly
Then fill the form and follow the instruction that will be given during the registration. Though it is totally free and there is no hidden cost (I have used), it is strongly recommended not to exchange any amount of money.

Sign in:

Now go to the home page ( and enter your username and password click on the button “go” or press Enter on your keyboard. You will see a confirmation massage and will be redirected to Control Panel or if you enter wrong username and password an error massage will be shown. Then you will have to try again to login.
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