Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Indexed by Google in Three Days

A friend in Digital Forum once asked me how to get indexed by Google in the quickest time possible. I said you can get the 'G' index your site in one or two days. Seems interesting, isn't it ?

Some of you might also think it's easy, just submit your url using Google Add Url ( , then wait for your site to get indexed. Well, yes,..probably in two months or more, if you're lucky.

Let me first advise you with this : NEVER, ..ever used the Google Add URL to make your website getting indexed. It's painful and worth time you have to wait. So, what's the tricks ?

Practically, it's easy. Here are the tricks :

* You need to have a website that has PR 4 or higher. From that website, use an image (whatever image on the front page), put that image in the new website location (e.g.

* Change the source code or HTML code of your PR 4 website, and linked that image (front.jpg) to your newly developed website:

<img src="" alt="alt_text" />

* Now, let's wait, and your newly developed website will be indexed by Google fast, maybe less than two days.

* After it's been indexed, you can safely remove the link or modified the code to the original one from your PR4 website.

How come ? Here's the technical details on that :

* When Google crawler visits your PR 4 website, it will "see" a linked image to a new domain. Hmm, and it think it's should be very useful website. So, it will go there.

* Every time your website getting hit, the newly developed website also get hits. Google spider like this, and will crawl the website.

So, what will I do for this website (NgaduTrafik 2007) ?

In my case, I have 3 websites that have PR 4 and 1 PR 5. I think 1 PR5 would be enough just to get indexed by Google. So, I changed a bit, as above guide :

<img src="" alt="NgaduTrafik 2007" /> , whereis xxx is the file that I copied from PR5 website.

I also put the link from my PR5 link page. I think that will be enough.

Now, some of you will think, "Hey, you've got a PR5 website, what about me ? I don't even have a PR 3 website !". Here are my suggestions to you :

* If you have currently running several websites, put a link or banner in all of those websites so your new website can get exposed. The link or banner should be transparent, so don't get messy with banner hit counter scripts (e.g. : the banner will link to The transparent link will show

* If you're a forum member, put a signature that linked to your new website.

* If you're not kind of two types above, then buy a link from an established website that have PR4 or higher. Just buy for shortest period they offer (2 weeks, a month) only. You can stop the service when your website has been indexed. You can ask Google here :

OK, Ahhh..I forgot. Make a site map will also benefit your website. Well, I just make my JooMap running, and submit it to Google.

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