Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tips in Business Article Marketing

Are you interested in business article marketing submission? There are a few tips you should consider before submitting an article that could potentially be seen by millions. First, consider your byline and credentials. Most of the authors that post on popular directories are established and degreed professionals. Make sure that you establish yourself as an authority in your field. Don't be modest; list your achievements. These articles are not for advertising. Rather, they give you a chance to educate your public as regards your specific industry. This is an important part of social networking.

Not every author personally writes every article him or herself; however, they do approve these articles and make sure they are of top quality for all their business article marketing purposes. Do not try and submit second-rate articles to major directories. While some smaller and less trafficked directories publish anything and everything the major directories tend to have a stricter screening process. Besides, even if the directory publishes every article under the sun, don't you want the article to live up to your credentials as an experienced professional in your field? Why would a surgeon want to publish an article under his name that contains factual errors about plastic surgery? Why would a therapist want to publish an article that contains pointless and incoherent sentences about nothing in particular? That won't help the practice, now will it?

Remember also that business article marketing can be challenging due to the fact that many directories put limits on the amount of articles that can be submitted every day. Additionally, blatantly promoting a company in a supposedly objective article may be grounds for deletion. Make sure your article is interesting, objective and provides educational value to the reader.

This is why many professional prefer to deal with SEO companies to handle their business article marketing. These companies can provide high quality content, work around the clock to post initial and daily submissions to directories, and can optimize websites for better search engine performance.

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