Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to get your Website in Top 10 Search results of Google

Take a key word for which you want your website at top 10, find for these key word top 10 websites at Google. After, made the following things for each Web site, do the following things for each one.

Authority of key word and Link popularity:

Of the difference of the majority of the people think, Google never gives the first priority to the key words in the contents of page title and page content. Without counting that this, your Web site must show that the Authority for key word and Google determines this authority by looking at the number of the links of arrival to your Web site. So more Web sites with a higher page rank (generally, the page rank of a Web site is the importance that Google gives to it and you can look at the page rank by installing Google Toolbar in your navigator) link to your Web site, your Web site lines up surely high in search results of Google.

On factors of page:

On fact factors can be easily seen in the page. Open the source file of one of Web sites found in top 10 search results (to open the source file, go in View>Source in your navigator). After, note all the key words put in page title, find if this key word is placed at the beginning and the end of the contents of page, in which proportion the key word is isolated in all the whole page, that the label of heading is employed for the key word, if it is in the format bolded, in italics or is underlined in the page. Find the number of links of arrival to the Web site by seeking the link: Name of Web site at Google (note: Google reduced some of its results) and find the names of that the Web sites, their rank of page (PR) and the text of anchor used. Find the label of (alternative text) used for images.

Off factors of page:

Off page factors cannot be seen in the page. Find if the Web site employed the key word in its field or the field or the secondary Web site is arranged by its secondary page. Like known as above, you must find the number of the links of arrival, text of anchor, the rank of page (PR) of Web site. Those are called off to factors of page.

Repeat the stages above for each Web site and copy and apply these on page and off page factors to your website. Send the requests for email to the high Web sites of PR to the link with your Web site. Put their link of Web site at your site before sending the request to them.


Do not employ the Java script or the flashes on your Web site. Google does not like it. Subject the articles to the popular directories of article on the regular basis in order to increase the link popularity. Do not spam Google to increase the ranking. Maintain website design simple and attractive. Put the site map on the landing page so that Google can easily reach each page of your Web site. Do not employ the shape of tender of Google to subject your Web site. Instead of that, employ the link popularity to obtain the ranking at Google. Test each method to support your Web site and never lose hopes.

They are few ideas to get top 10 ranking at Google. It takes certain time for a website to rank high in search engines. So, be patient. You may get help from SEO Elite, the powerful Search Engine Tool on the internet. It will help you to find all the on page and off page factors, help you send requests for links to the high PR Web sites, automatically subject articles to various article directories on a single click of a mouse and the assistances which you bring the modifications appropriate to your Web site granting the most recent tendencies in Google and ordering to seek engines. It is the best tool of SEO than I never saw. A disadvantage of him is its high cost. $167. But in addition to course! Obtain what you pay.

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