Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ten Easy Steps to Page One Google Ranking

These days we hear so much about search engine optimization, and many of us don`t really understand what it`s all about.But, if you have lost money with pay-per-click advertising, you undoubtedly WANT to know how to achieve good page rank without paying large sums of money to Google. Here are some things you can do to get that PR without breaking your own bank.

1. Choose keywords carefully. If you target the most searched-for keywords you will be up against well-established sites that have been there for awhile and undoubtedly have a bigger budget to work with.
2. Make sure your site`s title contains the keywords you are target- ing, so that incoming links also target those keywords.
3. Include your keywords generously in the site`s pages. Remember, to Googles software, content is king. [Don`t over-do it]
4.Have a site map with links on your home page to your site map. This makes it easy for Google to navigate your pages.
5. Again, to Google, CONTENT IS KING. Make sure your pages are in- formative and helpful. You can research other sites in your niche and re-write the good information you find there. Do not out-and- out plagiarize content.
6. Keep it simple and do not use flash or animated links. Google`s spiders hate that stuff and will usually ignore it. Also, it takes too long to load, and your customers have a very short attention span.
7. Avoid all the "Google tricks" that are being so aggressively marketed these days. These may actually work for a time, but re- member who you are up against. Google will eventually squash you like a bug.
8. Work on getting incoming links to your website. Reciprocal links are OK but they don`t carry nearly the weight that one-way links do. Related websites and blogs are best, and every good link is important. DO NOT buy incoming links! See #7 above.
9. Articles are very important tools for search engine optimization. Write as many as possible and always include links back to your site. Google loves articles with good information.
10. Once your site is optimized for your chosen keywords you can start targeting other keywords. These tips will get you ranked if you work at them and don`t get discouraged, but they are a tiny tip of a giant iceberg called Search Engine Optimization.

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