Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get 15 visitors per minute

We spend a lot of time and money for generating traffic. Sometimes we become success and sometimes not. Most of us spend a lot of time for searching free website from which they can get a lot of traffics. Recently I got such a tricks from which you will be able to get at least 15 visitors per minute! Just you have to do some small work such as surfing web pages. I will advise you to spend your time in these tricks for getting your dreamt traffic rather than spending your time and money to other web sites.
By the by, follow my instruction for getting a huge traffic.

  1. First of all, click here (you will be taken to easyhits4u) and register with a new account.
  2. Then login to your email and active your account.
  3. After that, login to EasyHits4U with your account, and click on "My Sites" <– Add your site.

    Note that, you must wait 1 day before EasyHits4U active your account and send traffic to your site. Because they want check your site, your site must safe for visitors.

  4. Now, start earning credits, EasyHits4U will send 1 visitor / credit you earned. To earn Credit, click on button "Start Surfing 1:1. Remember, 1:1 is the best.
  5. See, now you will have 1 credit / 20 sec. But how to increase your credits to X 5? It's mean you will earn 5 Credit / 20 seconds. It's easy! And EasyHits4U will send 5 Visitors for you per 20 seconds. Now I am going to tell you about my tricks.
  6. Download and install in your PC the following 5 browsers.
After download and installed 5 web browser, come back to your EasyHits4U account, click on Referrals, and you will see your referrals links. Copy it, and open Firefox, paste it and register new account EasyHits4U in Firefox. Active this account, add your website to this account. And start surfing web on Firefox.

Now, you earn 2 Credits per 20 seconds with IE and Firefox.

Repeat this step with opera, Flock, AOL Explorer, and you get 5 accounts EasyHits4U, then start surf web with 5 web browsers, and earn 5 Credits per 20 seconds.

And you will earn: 5 x 3 = 15 Credits Per Minutes. That's mean EasyHits4U will send you too much visitors equal your credits.

But referrals will give you 10% 5% 2% Credits for accounts, and with 5 accounts, you will get 20% Credits Referrals.

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