Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Convert pdf to txt, doc, image etc.

PDF format is much known to us. We use pdf file for various purpose. Especially, we download pdf file from internet. Sometimes we need to convert these pdf file into other format such as .doc, .txt, .html etc. Besides, sometimes we need to convert .txt format to .pdf. There is some mobile phone that supports E-book but they support .txt format in lieu of .pdf.
In this case if you want to read your .pdf formatted e-book in your phone you have to convert it in .txt format. A question may come in your mind that how you will convert your .pdf file to .txt file. Recently I found some links from where you will be able to convert a .pdf formatted file to another. The links are below:

If you some more links related to .pdf format conversion I expect that you will post them in comments. I will try to add them in this post.

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