Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some one may cheat you by Google Adsense!

Google Adsense is a popular program for generating money from a website. A lot of webmasters are generating money using Google Adsense. People think that this is the easiest way of earning. But before generating money from website, a webmaster has to generate some good amount of traffic. To do that he also needs good contents in his site too. Besides he needs to read through the Google Adsense's terms of use.

As everyone can not earn a lot with Google Adsense, people remain searching on how to earn more and more with Google Adsense. Some wicked people take this chance to cheat people. Recently while I was browsing internet I have noticed this. In a blog site I found that one webmaster posted a screen shot of his Adsense account's earning statistics. There the earning is so high that can not be imagined. I understood that something was wrong. Then I searched with Google and found what happened actually. I found some web links from where you can easily generate your Adsense account's earning statistics as you wish. You can enter any amount of money as your earning. But general people may not differ the generated screen shot from original screen shot. Even the terms of Google in publishing screen shot are also maintained here.

So, in these cases please always remain conscious so that you might not be cheated. And please do not try to cheat others.

One link from where you can generate Adsense account's earning statistics is given below. The link is only given for your reference. Don't use it for cheating others.

Adsense Generator

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