Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avast hack! Avast pro free serial key, full version download

May be you are one of those who try to use the most popular anti virus software free by searching free serial key using search engines or a person having so much curiosity on how use anti virus software free. Then may be your in the right place because, now I am going to tell you how to hack Avast, one of the most popular anti virus software. Actually I will give you a free serial key by which you will be able to upgrade your free Avast Home Edition to Avast Professional Edition.
Recently I got this information from one of my friends and I can't wait any more to share it with you. By the by, I would like to tell you that the word virus stands for Vital Information Resources Under Seize. Follow the steps below to know how you can upgrade your free Avast Home Edition to Avast Professional Edition.
  • First download the Avast Home Edition, the free anti virus software(if you don't have downloaded it already).
  • Then download this serial key.
  • Install the downloaded Avast Home Edition (if you don't have installed it yet).
  • Now launch Avast anti virus.
  • You will be asked for a license key or registration key or serial key (if you have run Avast anti virus for the first time after installation) else click on Registration while memory testing, registration dialogue box will appear and you will be asked for a license key.
  • Now copy the serial key (that you have already downloaded) and paste it in registration dialogue box.
  • Press OK(You should active internet connection before pressing OK). Now some file will be downloaded and after a while, you will be asked to restart your PC.
  • Restart your PC and follow further instruction given by the anti virus software.
  • Now enjoy Avast Profession Edition Anti virus software free for ~2252 days.
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Note that: Implement this hacks on your own liability. I recommend you to buy a license from Avast spending some money to help them for helping you for a long time. And a great news is that Avast is celebrating its 100 million registered users. I thank Avast for providing safety to such huge amount of people. I also wish all the best to Avast!

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