Sunday, May 24, 2009

To delete user's information in Google is logicless

Associate founder of Google Search Engine Mr. Larry Page said, the order of European Union to delete user's information after six month is logicless. Users will be benefited if these information remain stored. Mr. Larry Page said these after the outbreak of the panic of Swine Flu worldwide.

Page said, user will not know about the Swine Flu's attack if they donot get information. For this, many user will not be benefited. Larry Page told reporters that more meeting is necessary with European Union in this case. He said, if Google deletes informaion given by the users then any actual image of any incident will not be available for us. Because, users give many valuable information sometimes. When someone search on any subject in Google, then they get all the results related to that subject. Here he will get his expected result from another user's given informaitons.

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