Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Attack of Conflicker Virus is being continued silently

Internet Security Experts have warned that Conflicker Virus is continuing his work silently. In infected Microsoft operating system based computers, this virus installs dangerous malicious programs automatically. Then it uses those PCs to spread spam. Besides, it steals important information from the infected computer.
Programs installed by Conflicker helps the infected computer to be infected by other dangerous virus that was inveted by the Conflicker inventor. Again, infected computers by this virus may develop a computer army named Ba-tonet and it may use for a large cyber attack. Experts have said that lacs of computers have been infected but this virus is active in some computers and this percantage is poor. Experts thought that on 1st April this virus would attack all computers. Though it didn't attack, it may attack any time. Microsoft has launched a new patch but 30% of the users haven't updated that yet. According to experts if you want to check your computer whether your computer is infected with conflicker, you may visit the websites such as "Symentec" or "McAfee". Because, conflicker will not give you any chance to visit these sites. If you can not visit these sites, you may think that your PC is infected with conflicker!