Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free WHMCS Template/Theme 1

Now-a-days, WHMCS is very popular for web hosting billing. Though all the things for billing are done by WHMCS but it needs to be integrated with website to show that whmcs and the whole website is one thing not different. Sometimes, it becomes important to start a website in a hurry. Due to lack of time, most of people depends on free web templates while a custom design for the website is on development. But for whmcs, free templates are not available. To help people who are in hurry for publishing their website and is depended on free web template as a startup, I have decided to publish some whmcs template free.
Here I will integrate the free web templates with WHMCS. Today I have one for you. I hope you will enjoy it.

Screenshot of free WHMCS template 1

The free web template is used from here.

If you enjoyed it then don't forget to share it. More free templates are waiting to publish. Waiting for your valueable comments.

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