Saturday, April 11, 2009

Use hit counter properly

Hit counter is one of the most popular plugins to attract visitors. Recently I have read a comment in one blog that some people are having negative thought about a site when they see that the visitor no. is low in hit counter. In spite of being a good site, some traffic may be decreased because of low visitor in hit counter. So I want to give you some guidelines in this factor.

  1. First of all, I think you should not avoid using hit counter rather you should try to improve your traffic. To know easy methods of getting huge traffic, remain updated with this blog.
  2. Many new developer add hit counter in their sites later. As a result, despite of having a lot of traffic, the hit counter shows that you don't have enough traffic.
  3. If your site does not have enough traffic to attract others, I will recommend you not to use those hit counter that will show how many visitors are now in online.
  4. I know getting traffic is hard. So when you will launch your site first of all you should add hit counter in your site. Because when you will test your site, your hit counter's value will increase.
  5. Besides, you can also keep your hit counter's initial value few higher.

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